Building Worlds is an online series of live conversations led by the creatives, writers and artists behind the making of GALWAD and inspirational peers in their fields. It is hosted by award-winning investigative journalist and researcher, Shirish Kulkarni. 


Informal and open to all, each Building Worlds talk will explore breakthrough ideas in the fields of screenwriting, production design, co-creation, working with young people, choreography, movement direction and transmedia storytelling. 


Whether you’re looking to break into the creative industries or simply searching for some inspiration - our Building Worlds online conversation series explores storytelling, the creative industries and future thinking with some of the sectors most notable names. 

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Hannah Beachler and Shirish Kulkarni

‘Black Panther’ production designer Hannah Beachler in conversation with journalist and GALWAD Creative Team member Shirish Kulkarni.










Emily Burnett and Abi Morgan

Award-winning screenwriter Abi Morgan (The Iron Lady, Shame, Suffragette) in conversation with GALWAD writer Emily Burnett.