What is GALWAD?

GALWAD is a transmedia storytelling project inspired by the Future Generations Act. It is an act of collaboration between creatives and communities across Wales to tell a story set 30 years in the future. It will be told over several different platforms, including TV & radio and through online content and live events. Imagine a story you see on a screen that explodes out into other areas of your life, that is what transmedia storytelling is all about.


Who can apply to be part of the Young Company?

Anybody can apply to be a part of GALWAD as long as they are between the ages of 18 and 25. We do not have set criteria that you need to meet but we are looking for a group of individuals that is truly representative of young people in Wales and who want to be part of an adventure to explore what the future here could look like.


What areas of the project could I work on?

There are many strands to this project including media production (radio, TV, online), journalism, live events, marketing and comms, digital technology, social change and agency, environmental/climate science and sustainability, project management, education and public engagement. You could work in any number of these areas as part of the Young Company.


What are the Young Company Residencies?

The Young Company Residencies are a crucial component of the programme. They will see the group come together at regular intervals between March and October to explore some of the broader ideas and values of the project. They will be co-designed by the Young Company members and may also involve partner organisations and creatives working on GALWAD. Residencies will take place in different parts of Wales and there will be financial support for accommodation, travel and subsistence.


Can I be part of Young Company around work or study?

Yes. The Young Company is not a full-time commitment so you can participate around work or study.


What are the Live Events?

Ideas for the live events are still being developed and there is an element of secrecy around them to ensure that they are impactful when they happen. However, we do know that they will take place in late September/early October and will involve community participants alongside professional performers and creatives.


What is The People’s Newsroom?

The People’s Newsroom is an initiative to support and encourage communities to tell their own stories. A pilot project around the idea of ‘Citizen Journalism’ has already been trialled in Swansea with one of our project partners and this will be extended to Merthyr and Blaenau Ffestiniog as part of our associate programme of activities.


How will Wales’ two languages be represented in the project?

GALWAD is keen to embrace and celebrate both of the languages of Wales and as a project that is looking to the future it also wants to consider what other spoken languages and means of communication could be commonplace in 2052, including sign language. You can engage in Young Company through the medium of Welsh and/or English.


How will mentoring work?

All members of the Young Company will be assigned a mentor from the core team who will be their fixed point of contact, supporting them through their GALWAD journey. In addition, they will have a series of mentors to work with during different phases of the project when they are attached to specific strands or areas of work.


Why are young people so important to the project?

GALWAD is inspired by the Future Generations Act and this would feel like an empty idea without the input of young people. In order to ensure that the work is relevant and purposeful, we need young people to help shape and communicate it. GALWAD is seeking to find and platform new stories and therefore, new storytellers. Putting young people at the centre of the work feels like the best and most exciting way to make that happen!


What support is available?

All members of the Young Company will be supported by a £6,000 bursary paid in three instalments. This bursary will not be taxed at source but if you are in part, or full-time employment, and earning more than the personal allowance set by HMRC (currently £12,570) you will need to declare the bursary as part of your income. If you have questions about how to do this, we can advise you about the process. If you have concerns about how a bursary might impact you if you are in receipt of Universal Credit or other benefits, then please do get in touch with us to discuss this. In addition, there will be financial assistance available for travel and accommodation and we can help with access support, including an interpreter or PA, if required.