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Boo Golding as Keefer in the GALWAD TV drama


GALWAD set out to be an exemplar of good practice relating to sustainable development in the creative arts. The story itself brought to life the possibilities of change from the seeds of self-organised, sustainable practices in the here-and-now. The visions of positive change were inspired by organisations such as the Centre for Alternative Technology and individuals and agencies across Wales who are already leading the way towards a more sustainable and equitable future. 


It was inspired by the Well-being of Future Generations Act, a world-leading framework by Welsh Government that makes a commitment to safeguard the environment and communities for the future.


  • Contributing to net carbon zero by minimising emissions from power generation, reducing car usage, sustainable catering, and minimising new material usage.

  • Carbon insetting and offsetting measures. 166T of CO2 emissions were set against 155T of savings, and over 3,000T offset by support to local energy-saving initiatives and the planting of 5,000 trees.

  • Implementing a circular economy by using second-hand materials for production sets, including costumes, and then finding new uses for those materials post-production, such as sending timber to a wood recycling community enterprise.  

  • Minimising waste in other ways,  such as avoiding single-use plastic for catering, sorting waste on site for recycling and composting, and sending surplus crew food to a food bank.

  • Conserving the environment and biodiversity, carrying out environmental assessments of the event site, safeguarding bat and otter populations, and removing invasive plant species.

  • Nurturing team well-being, such as providing regular mindfulness sessions.



Image: Boo Golding as Keefer in still from GALWAD TV drama. Courtesy Mad as Birds. 


Nadeem Islam as Dhiru in still from GALWAD TV drama.jpg
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