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Nitin Ganatra as Namit in GALWAD 2052 Photo Kirsten McTernan.jpg


GALWAD was a week-long story told in real-time across social and broadcast channels. The premise of the story is that for one week the future makes contact with 2022, and at the heart of the story is Efa, who has swapped with her future self. 


The GALWAD story was told by a fictional character, Tomos (played by Rhodri Meilir). Tomos is a journalist based in Blaenau Ffestiniog whose blog gathered daily evidence of this remarkable story - from live streams of Efa’s journey in daily episodes, to messages and images which were coming through from the future. As the week progressed, Tomos and Efa’s stories collided in a spectacular finale, before Efa returned to the future - her younger self swapping back. The characters from 2052 we had met in messages were then seen in a 60-minute drama which revealed the 2052 story.

As GALWAD was a real-time story, there are different ways to catch up on the story now the live experience has concluded. 



During the week, a fictional journalist called Tomos W. Jones took over GALWAD’s social media accounts and posted live streams from 2022 and messages from 2052.

Tomos featured every update on his blog, as it happened.

If you navigate his blog from Monday to Sunday, you can explore each update in order of posting and see how the story unfolded in real time. Live-streamed performances of Efa’s journey are pinned as the main piece of content. Tomos’ blog posts each day offer a helpful snapshot of what has happened that day.



At the end of the week, GALWAD was broadcast as a 4.5 hour-long package on Sky Arts. This included:

You can watch three features here:


Browse GALWAD at your leisure using our YouTube playlists. Dive in and select parts of the story:

  • GALWAD LIVE shows Efa’s journey from Swansea, to Merthyr, to Blaenau Ffestiniog in 2022 through a single viewpoint, written by Owen Sheers and Emily Burnett, and performed by a young cast. After you’ve finished the live episodes, we recommend watching the TV drama to see what happened in the same week in 2052.

  • MESSAGES FROM 2052 are a series of monologues each written by a different Welsh writer, as well as messages from the drama cast.

  • TOMOS: Tomos’ daily posts give an introduction to each story segment. This playlist also includes his final powerful speech at the beginning of the finale. Performed by Rhodri Meilir.

  • ACCESS: choose from closed captions, BSL interpretation, English Audio Description and Welsh Audio Description.

  • BEHIND-THE-SCENES: explore how GALWAD was made through a range of films about the team and process of production. 

Image: Nitin Ganatra as Namit during filming of GALWAD 2052. Photo by Kirsten McTernan

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